Growth Chart DIY

I’ve had this project in mind for a long time, and now that my nephew is 2, I finally get to make it.  You can buy them on etsy in all sorts of styles for $35 to over $100 PLUS shipping.  But you can make it yourself with a bit of wood and some imagination.

I had a nice piece of dark wood leftover from a construction project.   I like it because it’s just 6 inches wide and 1/4 inches thick, which makes it light and easy to hang on a wall.  I decided to cut the length to six feet, and mark the bottom at six inches (to clear the baseboards) and the top 6’6″.  I really wanted the chart to be in both imperial and metric, so I marked inches on one side and centimeters on the other.  My plan was to paint all the numbers, but it turns out I’m a terrible painter.  Instead, I used patterned duct tape to make the feet markers and Avery Window Decals from Walmart to make the centimeters.  Did you know that in Microsoft Word you can indicate that you want your table cells to be exactly 1 centimeter x 1 centimeter?  Now you do!

Next I drilled a whole at exactly the six foot marker, to make hanging easy.

And my latest discovery?  Gold Sharpie! To cleanly and permanently mark  the height on the dark wood.

Here’s K, looking rather unsure, next to the finished product.

Growth Chart DIY

Growth Chart DIY


How to Make a Busy Board

I was babysitting soon-to-be-one-year-old K and noticed he really likes closing the baby gates and playing with door knobs and locks.  I then remembered seeing Busy Boards on Pinterest, and thought I’ll have to make one for his birthday.  Although my dad wants to take full credit for this idea because apparently he made one for me when I was one, but I don’t seem to remember.

I had the perfect base for this project, a leftover piece of cupboard from our kitchen renovation.  Then I went to the local used hardware store and bought as many moving gadget pieces I could. I got all of this for $11!

I filled in a few holes with new pieces.  The light switch was a little work, I had to cut a hole in the board for the box so the plate would sit flush.  But that meant I knew I was going to add a piece to the back, so it didn’t matter if some of the screws poked through the board.  Plus the knocker is installed from the wrong side.  If I make this again, I would skip the light switch and make sure none of the screws went all the way through the board. This would let me skip the extra step of adding a back.

To finish the piece, I added a 1×1 frame to the back and screwed on a cover so there were no more exposed screws. I used that piece of laminated board that makes up the back of your cupboard.  Does anyone know what that’s called?  Anyway, that was it!  Done.

And since it’s a baby gift, I gave it a good clean with a bleach wipe to remove any sawdust residue  and other grimies.

Busy Board -

Busy Board –

SPROING!!!!!  So far he loves the spring door stop.  Happy 1st Birthday K!

How to mak a Busy Board