Knitting – Boomer Caps

Knitting Boomer Caps –

This is the perfect quick project to practice knitting.  A friend of mine is a fabulous knitting, and recently shared her skill with me.  I found knitting quite rewarding while also calming.  Once I got the hang of it, my only problem was – What to knit?  I don’t need another scarf, and my man certainly doesn’t need another homemade toque. I then found a great project – Boomer Caps.

Boomer Caps are small knit caps sent overseas to help keep newborn babies warm.  “Boomer” Cpl. Andrew Eykelenboom was killed on duty in Afghanistan as a medic for the Canadian Military.  His mother started a charity in his honour, Boomer’s Legacy, and among other things they help collect and send knit caps abroad.

For more information on the charity and the knit pattern, please go here.