Skin Care Remedies – TESTED

My nemesis is dry skin, which is worsened by my eczema and a hometown with 55% humidity.  The worst is my hands, with deep cracks and flaky skin, but face is red and dry too. 

Homemade Eczema Cream by DYI Confessions has been all over Pinterest, so I finally gave a try.  It’s a simple mixture of coconut oil, ground oats, olive oil and rosemary.  I skipped the rosemary, because I’m pretty sure it would just make me sneeze.  Much of the oatmeal does sink to the bottom, so what I did was put it into the fridge until it got good and solid, cut off the layer of oats, warmed up the remaining and then whipped it.

Verdict? Pass

I LIKE that it soaks into my skin and that all the ingredients are food, so I’m not worried about ingesting any of it.  But I don’t think makingit was worth it.  I find the cream very oily. It’s as oily as coconut oil. (duh!) So I had to put gloves until it soaked in, which was actually quite fast.  I haven’t seen a remarkable improvement and I have been using it almost every time I wash my hands for the last couple of weeks.  I’ll use up the rest of it, but I won’t make it again.  If you are lazy but still want to try it, then I suggest using straight coconut oil.  If you like that, the go for the whole recipe.  But for me, I’ll be using the rest of the oil for cooking.

Next I watched Jaclyn Hill’s Skin Care Routine   This girl has great videos and she inspired me to do up my makeup.  But of course my “canvas” needs some help, so I watched her skin care video and I borrowed two of her home remedies.  I exfoliated with sugar.  And I started taking Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (why Norwegian?).  I couldn’t find any with lemon, and this stuff tastes just like it sounds, awful!  Just be sure to chase it with something strong like orange juice or tequila. I also started putting some of the eczema cream on my really dry spots, especially between the eyebrows.

Verdict? Amazing!

My face hasn’t looked this good in ages.  It’s smoother and not flaky.  I don’t know if it’s the Cod Liver Oil or Coconut Oil Eczema Cream (I’m pretty sure it’s not the sugar scrub I did only did once).  But when I run out of the Cod Liver Oil, I am definitely NOT going to run out and get some more(bleh!), unless my face tells me to, and then maybe I’ll see if it comes in a capsule.