Claire’s Favorite Things

Claire’s friends know that she is a stylish shutterbug who takes delight in anything adorable.  So it’s no surprise that she said her favorite things are photography, jewelry, and cutesy things.

She’s also a thrifty gal with high-end tastes, so her list has a wonderful range of prices from a few dollars, to the sky.

1. Photography

Claire’s gear is the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Digital Camera, and she takes great photos from portraits to landscapes.  Here are a few things she’d like to add to her equipment.

  • Magazine subscription or books on digital photography

    PreOrder Camera Bag  Purse insert MINI gray-yellow-chevron-ruffles and rosette-Includes camera strap w/lens cap pkt-Snugglens

    Camera Bag and Strap

  • Camera strap with funky designs will make you look great behind the camera. sells a variety from $20 and up.
  • Camera bag, also from Etsy,com, will be functional, and good looking (and could match your strap!).  Don’t forget about shipping costs.
  • Magazine subscription or books on digital photography
  • Digital SD Card – To make sure you never run out of “film” on your DSLR be sure to have enough memory.  Try Sandisk Extreme or Lexar Professional
  • Light box – McBain Camera sells them starting at $120.  If you can wield a box cutter, you can save yourself some money and make one by following this tutorial or this one, which also provides some technical tips on photography small items, like jewelry
  • Studio Lighting Kit – Don’s Photo sells them starting at $300
  • Finally, to end the list with something really extravagant, the M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8 portrait lens for $900.  They say this lens is so good it makes your subject even more good looking.

2. Jewelry

For the moderate spender, Claire says Winners offers a variety of fine high fashion jewelry.

But what’s she’s really had her eye on is a rainbow coloured ammolite pendant, and I have to agree that this gemstone is stunning. Ammolite is a rare gemstone made of fossilized shells and found in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  It’s also the official gemstone of Alberta.  Haha made you learn!

File:Ammolite jewellery.jpg

3. Cutesy Things

Hello Kitty Pilot Hat - White. Hello Kitty, Knitwits, Knit Wits, Animal Hats, Animal HatPlease don’t let this out, but Claire is secretly infatuated with Hello Kitty and Minion memorabilia, but she feels too old to go overboard.  Well, she’s definitely not too old, and I’m pretty sure she’s not alone.  Actually I know a-many highly sophisticated ladies who would take delight in something cute.  So if a stuffed toy, toque or cell phone case would make her happy, then she should go for it.

Hello Kitty toques and mitts by knitwits can be found at Simons at WEM.

Despicable Me: Minion MadnessMinions are everywhere.  You’ve got Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and Minion Madness, hopefully that will hold you until July 2015 when Minions (the feature film) is released.  Maybe Claire can wear her Hello Kitty toque to the premiere.

There’s a plethora of toys too, just search Despicable Me at Toys R Us or Walmart.

I even found Minion Maker.

And for a cute overload, Animal Planet has this amazing show called Too Cute.

Note: We weren’t paid or perked to name any of these products, they really are just our favorites!