Dip Dye Cutlery

Tired of cutlery that lacks flamboyance?  Always wanted to color coordinate your forks?  Then try – “dip dyed” flatware!  (It’s not actually dip dyed, it’s spray painted, but it achieves the same look.)

Dip Dye Cutlery

Dip Dye Cutlery

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I immediately knew that I needed to do this.  My office kitchen never seems to have any forks.  I guess that they accidentally get abducted and never break free.  And due to a completely unrelated reason, I have a few unmatched forks.  So I thought I’d give them a a makeover.

This project took only about 5 minutes, including the 60 seconds to shake up the can of paint.  Once I covered the tine-side with some paper and tape, then I gave the handles a quick spray of primer.  I let it dry for an hour, as per the paint’s directions, and then sprayed it with a canary yellow.  One coat was enough; they already made it through the dishwasher.

Don’t they look great? Office lunches are going to be great, and I’ll never have to eat my salad with chopsticks again!

More of Our Favorite Things – In the Kitchen!

Thanks to everyone who read the first Favorite Things – In the Kitchen! Here are a few of your favorites.

  1. Magic Bullet – Michelle.  She says she can’t remember the last time she used her blender.  I agree, I especially like that you can make a single serve smoothie precisely to your liking.  You can often find it on sale for $30 (25% off) at Canadian Tire.
  2. Pampered Chef Potato Masher, $11.50 – Michelle.  One word. Magical.
  3. Soda Stream, about $100 – Pam.  This handy device carbonates water.  You no longer have to lug heavy drink bottles home, your trash production decreases, you cut down your consumption of pop, and you can enjoy lots of fizzy drinks.  I would avoid the Soda Stream flavourings (they don’t taste quite right) and stick to lemon, lime or any other fruit juice.
  4. Cusinart 4 cup chopper/grinder, $60 – Debbie. It’s brilliant for chopping onions, jalapenos and herbs.
  5. Immersion Blender – Debbie.  Great for soup!
  6. Chocolate Avocado Pudding – Debbie.  What?  Chocolate-avocado?  This vegan recipe replaces whipped cream with avocado, for a healthy alternative to a rich dessert.


Note: We weren’t paid or perked to name any of these products, they really are just our favorites!

Our Favorite Things – In the Kitchen!

The Kitchen!  Our favorite family gathering place and our regular eating-hole (eating-hole?  it sounded funny until I typed it out!)

  1. Rocker Garlic Crusher – cousin Carol. It’s easier to use than a garlic press and easier to clean. She picked it up for $2 at Daiso, a Japanese toonie store, in Richmond BC.
  2. Starfrit Slim Glass Kitchen Scale, $20 – Ingrid.  The best thing about this scale is its size.  It’s the size of adessert plate and so skinny you can store it anywhere.  It weighs in imperial or metric.
  3. Digital Meat Thermometer – Tim.  Dad makes some great roasts and pork shoulder, and this is his secret to the best roast beast.  You’ll never have an over cooked meal again.
  4. Fresh ground pepper – Tim.  I love this item because it’s cheap and makes food taste so much better.  You do need a pepper mill, and they range in price.  You can get a decent one at most department stores for $20.  But if you’d rather spend 10 times that try woodenpeppermills.com.  These pepper mills are so beautiful that I can remember them from Sarah Moulton’s cooking show 15 years ago.  They are hand crafted and start at $180.Favorite Things in the Kitchen
  5. Blendtec Blender – Chris.  When you start every day with a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie, and you like another smoothie for dessert, you’ll need a serious blender.  This restaurant quality blender is pricey at $460 at Costco, but it easily crushes ice and purees anything into a nice smooth texture. Will it blend?  Absolutely.
  6. Chef’s Knife – Jenn.  One good quality knife can change your entire kitchen.  I like an 8″ blade and a good steel to keep it sharp.  If you’re going to spend the money, you need to take care of it.  Hand wash only (the dishwasher flicks around bits of detergent and food, which dulls the blades) and sharpen regularly. Watch Alton Brown explain to you everything you need to know about knives, but didn’t know to ask.

Beverage Vessels

Cups get their own category? Yup. I heard about so favorite cups, I had to make its own category.

  1. Contigo Travel Coffee Mugs – Jenn. They keep your coffee super hot (Hugh Jackman hot), and they never spill.  We love them so much that we use them almost every day, so they only last about two years before they get abused and break.  You used to be able to buy two for $40 at Costco in a variety of colours.
  2. Beer Steins – Curtis.  No red solo cups here, beer is enjoyed from real steins.  We have a plethora of steins collected mostly from garage sales.  Curtis likes them so much, he drinks his daily water from them.  They are almost as nice as his buddy’s Tiffany rock cut beer mugs.  Sorry guys, Tiffany no longer sells them.
  3. 1960s-era restaurant ‘standard’ clunky coffee mugs from Uncle Johnny’s restaurant – Tim.  My favorite thing about this mug is it’s a historical artifact.  You can find the matching plates at Chop Suey on the Prairies Exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum.
  4. Cup with Straw – Jenn.  Yes, I call it my sippy cup.  It’s great that it has a lid, but what I really like is drinking out of a straw.  Straws make everything more fun.

Note: We weren’t paid or perked to name any of these products, they really are just our favorites!

If you have any favorites you’d like to share, just send me a message!