Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

… or The Taming of the Shoes

Shoe Storage Tutorial

I’ve been dreaming about the ultimate shoe storage for a while.  And, who hasn’t?  I combined two different ideas into one glorious shoe closet.

I had the perfect little space for this in the basement.  A nice little unused and unfinished corner in a closet.

At the top is a ledge for heals.  This was fairly easy.  I had a leftover piece of half inch trim and nailed it into the wall with a half inch spacer.  This left just enough gap for the heals to hang from.  It took a bit of guess-and-testing to make sure the heals wouldn’t fall off the ledge.  Just to pretty up the ugly plywood bulkhead, I covered it up with self-adhesive wall paper from the dollar store.

The shelf is my first Ikea Hack.  It was a Billy Bookcase I salvaged from a flood.  I cut off the water damaged part and I cut it to height to fit under my bulkhead.  I then re-assembled it and added extra shelves, which I installed at an angle.  The easiest way to do this is to get extra billy shelves and just install them with the back pegs two holes higher than the front pegs.  The other way to do this is to cut 1/4″ plywood to size and paint it white.  Then add a notch underneath like the Ikea shelves and drill in holes for the pegs.  Or install the shelf permanently with a pocket hole jig.

Now, the best part!  Arrange your shoes on the shelf.  I had to organize them by type and colour.  Hahaha.  No really.

The only problem left is this shelf is full, and I have a few more pieces of footwear to add.  I guess I have to add one more shelf.  Oh, how life is hard.