Halloween Decoration – Creepy Potions & Crawly Specimen

Do you want to take your Halloween decorations over the top this year?  Then check out these super easy potion and specimen jars.

All you need are a few jars, some random goodies (the dollar store is great) and some clever labels.

Craft tip #1 – Cover the lids with black gaffer tape.  I tried spray paint, and it didn’t work well.  Then when the Harry Potter the Exhibit came through town, I took a good look at their apothecary jars, and their lids were covered by black tape too!

Craft tip #2 – Age your labels by dipping them in tea.  Don’t you remember that Edison Twins did that when they were trying to fake a pirate map?

Craft tip # 3 – If you print your labels on regular paper with a laser printer, you can adhere them to the jars with milk.  Really.  Check it here.

Wizard’s Own Potion Ingredients

  • Roc Feathers (from a feather boa)
  • Distilled Tears of A Thousand Care Bears (in an old Kraft Peanut Butter jar shaped like a bear)
  • Succubus Horns (dollar store devil horns)
  • Fallen Angel Eyes (dollar store)
  • Candied Goblin Brains (dollar store)

Wizard's Own Potions


I wish this picture had turned out better.  Well, it’s a failed experiment anyway.  (Or is it?  Mwahahahahah!) As you can see (or not) from the label “Human Shrinking Experiment #13.  Subject: Male, aged 31.  Survived : 5 minutes, 42 seconds.”  It’s another great dollar store fine, a rubber skeleton, in a peanut butter jar.

Human Shrinking Experiment #13

Human Shrinking Experiment #13

Come Up with Your Own or Borrow These