$2 Vinyl Decal

Haven’t you always wanted to decorate your washing machine?  Haha! Well, there’s been a pretty washer on Pinterest lately, decorate with beautiful purple flower decal.  I thought it was very nice, but those decals are expensive!

Then I found a bunch at the dollar store.  And aren’t cute giraffes more fun then classy flowers?  Here’s what I see as soon as a walk into my laundry room.  So cute!  And it brings me a smile every time.

I had enough decals for a second project.  The basement bathroom is pretty small.  And bland.  Did I mention small?  The toilet is about 8 inches from the bathroom door.  How could we improve this? Giraffes and cacti of course!  Here’s the new view in the second bathroom.  This is as far back as I could get the camera.  Small, right?  Well I’m pleased with the results.

Custom Welcome Mat

Here’s a photo of my inspiration.WelcomeMat

My actual mat is the negative of this mat, the lettering is painted.

I printed the text in Word using the “stencil” script.

Then I traced the text onto some thin cardboard (cereal box) with a utility knife.  I used a light coat of spray adhesive to keep the cardboard stencil on the mat.  Without the spray adhesive I found that the spray paint snuck under the stencil.  Just coat with spray paint, let dry and you have yourself a custom welcome mat.

Inspiration: http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/be-nice-or-leave-mat

$10 Gallery Shelves

Gallery Shelves – craftambitions.wordpress.com

These gallery ledges are probably one of the easiest projects from Ana White, perfect for a beginner.  I basically followed her instructions, but I skipped the glue. It took a couple of hours and really did cost just $10!  I actually made four ledges, but only three made it to this wall.  Ana White has lots of other detailed and free woodworking plans.