Spidy-Ball, Spidy-Ball!

Does whatever a bowling ball can! Bowling Ball Spidy-Ball

Check out my new garden friend.  A while back I made these Bowling Ball Ladybugs and it seems that one of the ladies got herself a beau.

Spidy was so easy to make.  All you need to do is spray paint a bowling ball red, then get your awesome friend to hand paint Spider-Man’s face on it.  My artistic Superman carefully painted every web onto this guy, and I think the results are amazing!  Don’t forget to give him a good spray of clear coat to protect him from the elements.

Lady and Spidy make a cute couple!

Ladybug & Spidy Bowling Balls

Bowling Ball Ladybugs

Bowling Ball Ladybugs – craftambitions.wordpress.com

I was completely inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest.  I managed to find a few bowling balls on kijiji and picked up some paint.  After a little googling and some guess and testing, I’ve come up with a really easy way to make these adorable lady bugs.


  • Bowling ball
  • Spray paint, white primer and red
  • Outdoor acrylic paint, black and white
  • Paint Brush, thin
  • Paint sponge, circle

I rigged up an old crocket spike in a patio umbrella stand, to hold the bowling ball so I could paint around the entire ball at once.

Paint the ball with a good coat of primer.  Once it has completely dried, paint with the red paint.  This could take two coats.  The ladies at the hardware store suggested the 2x brand paint, and I agree, it works great.

I used a bowl as a template and drew a circle in pencil on the ball.  I then hand painted the circle in black.  Next I sponged on some black dots.

Once the black dried, I painted some eyes with white.

I considered spraying the whole thing with a clear coat, but for some reason it made the paint crackle.  Since I used outdoor paint, I decided it should be able to withstand the weather.

Inspiration: http://voices.yahoo.com/unique-decoration-garden-turn-bowling-balls-512977.html