How I Plan to Have 52 Dates with my Husband This Year

If James Lipton ever asks, my least favorite word is “busy”.  It’s not that I don’t like being occupied or involved.  It’s just that it keeps me away from my favorite thing, my man.  My husband is part of so many activities and he rarely says no to anyone.  His busy calendar often leaves me eating dinner alone and saying “hello and goodbye” as we get ready for work.   Sometimes I feel like “Ladyhawke” (high-five if you get my obscure ‘80s movie reference).  So I often feel like the neglected wife.  But he’s not without his complaints either.  When we do have time together, I might try to get some errands done or even fall asleep watching tv.  This doesn’t count as quality time either.

So we came up with a plan.  I got a deck of cards.  Each week I set out a new card (alternating colours) to signify it’s time for a date.  I plan the dates for the red cards, and he plans the black ones.  After the date, I write down on the card what we did and when.  I wish I could draw, but stick men is all I can manage.  In the last five months we’ve had twenty dates!

52 Dates

52 Date Rules

  • Each person plans half the dates
  • Dates don’t have to be elaborate or cost any money
  • Dates cannot include other people
  • Average one date per week for the year

A typical date for us usually involves going out for dinner; it’s one of our favorite things.  But it can be as simple as watching the new Doctor Who episode together, having a nice breakfast at home, or going for a walk.  The best date so far (we both agree) was grabbing a coffee at our old campus, and strolling around hand in hand, reminiscing about old times.

This has been working well for us because it makes him really make time for me and it makes me really take quality time with him.  So far it’s been working great for both of us!


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