Custom ABC Book – DIY

This is my absolute favorite project to date!  It was easy, inexpensive, and the result was fantastic!  My niece is about to experience her first Christmas and turn 1!  I wanted to get her something great, so I decided to make her a custom ABC book.

I was inspired by some custom alphabet board books I saw online, but since I left this to the last minute, I didn’t have time to order one.  So I came up with a DIY solution and the end product cost less than $8.

Custom ABC Book - Craft Ambitions M

  1. Find your pictures and choose the caption.  I wrote down A-Z, and while I browsed through my photos (thank you iCloud and Facebook), I wrote down the caption and saved the picture as the caption name.  That way I could keep track of the letters I needed, and they got saved in order.  I also tried to use as many family pictures as possible, and it was easy to choose the cutest ones.
  2. Select a picture for the front cover and back cover.
  3. Crop to 4” x 6” proportional.  If the picture was taken on a phone it might be square or just a little out of proportion.  But my local photo lab would only print standard proportion.  I ended up doing this after I added captions and it ruined some of my pictures, so do this first.
  4. Add captions.  I choose to use because it’s free, I didn’t need to register, and the text is white with a black outline which can be read over any color.  You don’t get a choice of font, but I liked how it looks like a meme.  It’s so 2014.
  5. Print photos.
  6. Buy a 12-page photo album.  This is the key to the simplicity of the entire project. 12 pages plus inside front and inside back cover is exactly 26 slots.  I got mine from London Drugs for $1.99.

Custom ABC Book - Craft Ambitions Y

So easy!  And it was super fun to review her first year of pictures.  Custom ABC Book - Craft Ambitions

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