Not Delayed Blooms – Monkshood (?)

(Sound of hand slapping forehead!)
Such a rookie mistake AND beginners’ luck!  I thought I had delphiniums, but now I think they’re monkshood.  I couldn’t believe that all my neighbours’ plants were blooming and mine just started to bud.  Then I took a closer look and realized that I had mislabeled my flowers.  The MAJOR problem is their care is completely different.

Last summer, I moved my monkshood (by un-gloved hand, oops!) from a partial shade area to full sun, covered it in manure and bone meal, and kept it moist.  Luckily they LOVED it!  They grew taller and with more buds than ever before, and are just starting to bloom.  It’s  easy to see the significant improvement because I missed moving a few plants, and the ones in the old location look weak and spindly in comparison.

Now that I look at the two flowers next to each other, they are obviously different.  The delphiniums have a five-petal flower and the monkshood are a funny hood-like shape.  I guess the lesson learned is that all flowers like extra sun, water and manure!

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