7 Tips for a Great Garage Sale

I’ve been known to visit a few garage sales in my time, and to throw a couple too, so I’ve come up with a few tips.

  1. 7 Tips for a Great Garage SaleHave a large inventory.  Be sure to have enough stuff to warrant sitting around for a whole weekend selling it.
  2. Merchandising.  Think like a store.  Have your stock sorted, organized and clean.  Display your good stuff out front.
  3. Signage. Lots of them.  Make it easy to get to your house.  I like easy to follow arrows, hubby likes a straight forward address.  Sometimes if we get lost on our way to a sale, we’ll just give up.
  4. Pricing.  Price it clearly, price it to sell.  Buyers like to know the cost, they feel uncomfortable making the first bid.  10%-25% retail is standard.  You can mark a whole table or box of stuff at the same price.
  5. Advertise the big stuff.  Big and/or expensive items are difficult to move at garage sales.  Put it up on kijiji before the sale starts and have them pick it up during your sale.  Don’t forget my kijiji rule – only respond to polite and properly written replies.  Shout out to Weird Al for putting this sentiment to music.
  6. Have Change.  You’ll need small bills and change.
  7. Make it a party.  Get your neighbours, family, and friends to join you.  “Multi-family” sales are always more appealing and fun.

Good luck with your sale!


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