Love Thy Neighbours’ Garage Sale

garage_saleI know the exact moment I became old.  It was a lovely Saturday morning in the summer of ’12.  I was driving through my neighborhood, listening to CBC radio, and I saw the sign – literally.  Garage sale!  I followed the arrows and soon found myself rummaging through someone else’s junk.  Ever since my first taste, I can’t stop.

Now it’s become a weekly adventure.  Sometimes we take our cruisers and prowl the streets.  Other times we drive to the fancy communities with our fancy lattes.  We never know what we’ll find.  It’s just like my very own Antique Picker Wars.  It’s really hit or miss.  Sometimes there’s nothing but yogurt containers and other times it’s crystal and nerd toys.

When we first starting shopping, we made one rule.  Fair prices are paid – no haggling on good deals.  Other than that, it’s fair game.  Plus now we know where to find the good sales.  Run down neighborhoods are more likely to have run down stuff and is the only time we find cigarette smells.  Young neighborhoods with young families have lots of baby and kids stuff in great condition.  Old neighborhoods tend to have all sorts of things from another era.

We’ve found many items worth our cash – kitchen wares, books, dvds, knitting needles and craft supplies, crystal vase, nerd stuff, power tools, mahogany headboard, baby toys, golf caddy, art, garden supplies, furniture,…  He are a few of our favorites.

Favorite Buy: Road runner carved in wood.  I have this memory of when my twin brother and I were 4 years old.  We were playing with my mom’s carved wood bird.  It was like an asymmetrical seesaw, and if you pushed down on the tail it would pop back up.  Except it wasn’t a toy.  Mom warned us to stop playing with it or we’d break.  No way, I thought.  Then all of a sudden it’s beak was broken off.  I’m sure it was my brother’s fault, I don’t have any memory of breaking it.  Well, guess what I found at one sale.


Road Runners – Mom’s (above), Garage Sale Find (below)

Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader Mask


Hubby’s Favorite Buy:  Toss up between the Darth Vader mask or the beer stein collection.  Vader cost $1 and the steins cost between 10 cents and a $1.

Beer Stein Collectiion

Beer Stein Collection




Best Deal: Commercial blender with 3 HP, $25.  The seller had gotten out of the smoothie business, and I got the best blender ever.

Worst Deal: Old garden trellises.  I got three of them for two bits each.  They’re ugly, broken, and I don’t know what I was thinking.  Sometimes other people’s trash is just trash.  Don’t buy stuff just because it’s cheap.  Lesson learned.



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