Dip Dye Cutlery

Tired of cutlery that lacks flamboyance?  Always wanted to color coordinate your forks?  Then try – “dip dyed” flatware!  (It’s not actually dip dyed, it’s spray painted, but it achieves the same look.)

Dip Dye Cutlery

Dip Dye Cutlery

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I immediately knew that I needed to do this.  My office kitchen never seems to have any forks.  I guess that they accidentally get abducted and never break free.  And due to a completely unrelated reason, I have a few unmatched forks.  So I thought I’d give them a a makeover.

This project took only about 5 minutes, including the 60 seconds to shake up the can of paint.  Once I covered the tine-side with some paper and tape, then I gave the handles a quick spray of primer.  I let it dry for an hour, as per the paint’s directions, and then sprayed it with a canary yellow.  One coat was enough; they already made it through the dishwasher.

Don’t they look great? Office lunches are going to be great, and I’ll never have to eat my salad with chopsticks again!


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