Winter Composting

Ok, I know it’s practically summer, but if I don’t make note of my winter composting experiment now, then I’ll never remember.  Last fall I was reading GardeningGrrl‘s experience becoming a Master Composter.  This is a serious 40-hour course offered by the city.  I’m into composting, but I’m more of a pamphlet-read novice.  My question is – Can you compost in the winter?  GardeningGrrl said she collects compost all winter with an equal amount of leaves, and in the spring it starts to compost.  So I took a spare kitchen garbage can (with a lid!) and just threw all my produce scraps in there.  It didn’t attract animals or smell because of the lid and it was usually frozen solid.  When the snow began to melt, I emptied the bin into my usual compost site and mixed it with the old compost/soil.  Then I gave the bin a really good rinse.  Since then it has become some really nice compost.


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