Rachel’s Favorite Baby Things

Rachel is new mom to brilliant 18 month old Kieran, and here are her favorite baby things.

1) Westcoast baby kimonos – best, best, best invention for 4am diaper changes, promoting skin to skin, and stopping baby from scratching their face off. We give these to all our friends as a new baby gift. Buy from Westcoast Baby or estsy.com,$30.

Astro Infant Kimono Wrap

2) Ergo baby carrier, starting at $115.  We have the sport version and have used it from newborn to 18 months and plan to keep going. Keeps baby’s hips supported (rather than dangling the baby over your crotch) and is ergonomically great for parents. You can wear them on your chest, hip, or backpack (our current favorite). While I loved my ring sling my husband would never wear the sling (can’t blame him) so the ergo was a great way for us to both wear baby.

Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier - Galaxy Grey

3) Music Together of the Northern Lights classes.  If you are looking for classes to give to friends with new babies Music Together rocks. My son lights up whenever he hears the CDs. It has had the ability to calm him from most tantrums and has given us pleasant car rides. We are total sports folks and if I only had one activity to do with my son we would drop swimming, open gym and this would be it. Plus, he now shows great interest in music, instruments and will sing himself to sleep!

4) Dollar store plastic bins. I realize this seems silly but there are a lot of things to organize post baby. I use these inexpensive bins everywhere in the house to keep organized. Bottle parts in the pantry, shoes and socks in the bedroom, jars of baby food in the pantry. New parents always have a need for storage bins-we got quite a few as gifts and within a few weeks I understood why.

5) Lug diaper bags-tons of pockets waterproof, wipe clean bottom, wet pouch for diaper stuff-couldn’t ask for anything more. We have the Tuk-Tuk ($116) my sister has the Hula Hoop ($106). Dark colors mean that dad will carry the same bag!


6) Mixie Bottle -Yes, breast is best but sometimes life happens and breastfeeding needs to be supplemented with formula. The problem with traditional formula dispensers is you wind up with white powder everywhere when you try to mix a bottle on the go. Being a new mommy and being covered in white powder is not really socially acceptable.  The joy of the mixie is no mess and you don’t have to keep it cold. The powdered formula is kept separate from the water so you just push the button and mix away. We tried other mixing bottles and they all leaked and were cumbersome (too big for the diaper bag). Expensive-yes. Worth it if you have to use formula? Heck Ya. Available in Edmonton at West Coast Kids for $20.

7) Aden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets, $50/4 pack. -These are huge so they make swaddling easy but you can also use them as a nursing cover, car seat cover, floor blanket etc. We were given several sets and they have now become my son’s security blanket for sleeping; he loves to drag them around. They wash really well and have never had difficulties getting stains out. Because the blanket is so light we were able to use it as the internal swaddle when he needed to be double swaddled (swaddle the arms and then put the baby in a swaddle bag or pod-also a worthy investment).

8) “Happiest Baby on the Block White Noise” on itunes for $10. Babies like white noise but most baby white noise machines don’t have a volume control and are pretty quiet. This doesn’t work when comforting white noise is as loud as a shower. We discovered these tracks when the only noise that would calm my son was a hairdryer. Running your hairdryer for hours is not safe, hitting repeat on these tracks is worth it.

9) Busy board-see craft ambitions blog. My son has spent happy hours with this. All of his friends love playing with it. All of their parents want one.

How to mak a Busy Board

10.) Glamour mom nursing tops, starting at $49. These have a built in bra that works for all sizes. They are long so they cover the mummy tummy. This also means that the provide tummy coverage while nursing in public. I used this under cardigans for easy access nursing.

Mbody Starter Nursing Bra

11) Healthy mom=happy baby. I think that exercise is a huge help when coping with all of the changes being a new mom. There are a ton of new mom exercise classes and a chunk of them are going to get you to do things that aren’t great for the post-natal body (running, jumping, crunches-I now know that no one should be doing crunches). It is well worth the investment to get the input of someone who knows what they are doing, or to do your reading in the right places. Check out Jessie Mundell’s blog or online training. This girl knows the needs of new moms! 

Note: We weren’t paid or perked to name any of these products, they really are just our favorites!


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