Tim’s Favorite Things

Tim, who has very sophisticated and discerning tastes, gave me a list of over 50 things that are his “favorite”. Here they are, in no particular order.

· Travel books
· Travel guides
· Photography books including National Geographic

· Inexpensive home cooked meals
· Mario Batalli recipes – Bolognese sauce is always a hit.
· Jamie Oliver and his  Money Saving Meals, particularly beef brisket
· Cooks Country Kitchen
· America’s Test Kitchen
· Slow cooking roasts and pork shoulder.  One our favorite dinners of dad’s is his Sensational Pork Roast.
· Grilled cheese sandwiches
· Home grown tomatoes
· Ingrid’s cherry pound cake
· Good coffee; why is it so hard to find?
· Bacon – makes everything taste better
· Digital meat thermometer
· Fresh ground pepper

Food Places
· Duchess Bakery
· Pampa Brazilian BBQs
· Italian Center, west end
· Chicken fried steak, something you find at restaurants only in the United States

· CKUA radio
· Satellite radio , ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s specialty stations
· 24 hour news on TVMusic
· CDs:  “Essential” collections of jazz and blues artists like Big Joe Turner or Dinah Washington

· Samsung Tablet
· Magic Jack free long distance app
· Digital cameras, digital film is cheap
· PVRs, so you never have to watch a commercial again
· My 50-in. plasma tv and Sony sound bar audio system with subwoofer
· My Canon 5d MkII DSLR camera; expensive, professional grade digital camera that correctly exposes the image 97-percent of the time

·#550 Leather Lined in Walnut My Australian brand Blundstone boots; they’re expensive, but three boots in one: motorcycle boots, winter boots and everyday boots. Plus they have no laces, so good for lazy, old guys like me
· Pocket knives and utility knives like Swiss Army knives; leave them lying around the house; in my office for letter opener and with screwdriver blades, you always know there’s a screwdriver nearby
· Quality notepads (the art of writing is not dead yet) and quality ballpoint pens
· Snow blowers
· Quality sunglasses
· HALIOS Laguna‘Boutique’ wristwatches like the Halios Laguna (custom made by cottage industry companies, and sold at a fraction of the price of brand names like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling).
· ABC watches (altimeter, barometer, compass); it’s nice to travel and have a weather station on your person
· Moisture-wicking undergarments, the best invention for motorcycle touring
· Binoculars/monocular, there’s nothing better than viewing stuff through quality glass

· Old cars and motorcycles, they’re pieces of industrial art and they bring back memories for anybody who grew up with these machines around them
· European motorcycles, like Ducatis, BMWs, and Moto Guzzis
· Motorcycle helmets that fit my oddly shaped head
· Heated handgrips and saddles – the greatest invention besides anti-lock brakes for motorcyclists
· Dad’s old 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D turbo diesel sedan
· Fuel-efficient, fun to drive cars like our Mazda3
· Old luxury cars that have past their prime, but still impressively engineered and of outstanding quality like our black Mercedes, but now affordable
· For Tim’s favorite bike-related things, see his post Motorcycle Things We Love at CarAndRider.com

Note: We weren’t paid or perked to name any of these products, they really are just our favorites!


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