Square Foot Gardening – Carrot Success!

Check out my bountiful harvest!  This is the only crop that was successful in my square foot garden.  In my one row of my 4’x4′ square garden and 8 inches deep, I grew 3.75 lbs of beautiful carrots.  (That’s 1.2 m square garden, 20 cm deep and 1.7 kg of carrots.)  This is the best carrot crop I have ever grown.  The carrots are nice, big, and firm.  Just like I like them.  I planted the nantes coreless variety of carrots because they grow to 6.5″ with blunt tips.  I will definitely be growing carrots next year.  I think I’ll plant 2 of the 4 rows of my SFG with these carrots and maybe stagger them by a couple of weeks.  (Sorry the picture is a little blurry.)

carrots nantes


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