Biggest Underachiever – My Vegetable Garden

In early May I was completely gung-ho on my newly built square garden.  I planted all my seeds and watered regularly.  By early June I noticed that whenever something started to come up, it was quickly gone.  Rabbits!  So I put up a fence and re-planted.  Then we had cold weather and lots of rain, so I took to ignoring my little garden.  Today, mid-September, it looks like this.  Sad, isn’t it?

SFG fail

Half My Crop

Half My Crop

Of the 18 peas I re-planted, on two grew.  1/36 beans seeds grew, producing about 4 beans. My two pepper plants produced two golf ball sized peppers. The spinach grew straight up, and never had enough leaves to eat.  And I never did plant any kale, lettuce or basil.

I did get several zucchini plants to grow, and I spread them out into the empty squares.  I already picked one fruit, but it was really hard, so I thought I’d let it ripen.  It ended up rotting.

The only good thing is I seem to have a nice row of carrots.  I’ve been inspecting them, and the tops are a fairly decent size.  I’m still optimistic that this won’t have been a complete waste.

Am I discouraged?  Sure.  Will I try again?  You bet.  The nice thing about the garden is it really didn’t get many weeds.  And I like having my veggies contained to one small area.  Next year I’ll be sure to put up the rabbit fence right away, and if the carrots go well, I might double the area the carrots get.

One thought on “Biggest Underachiever – My Vegetable Garden

  1. My favorite thing to grow in edmonton are tomatoes. I usually have a dozen plants and they produce like crazy. I also enjoy my herb garden, my garlic and, like you, those yummy carrots.

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