Square Foot Gardening – Planting

Now that my square foot garden is built, I need to figure out what to plant.  I’ve made a list of plants I would consider growing, and the numbers of plants per square foot, according to my research.GardenPlan

  • basil – 1
  • beans – 9
  • beets – 9
  • carrots – 16
  • kale – 4
  • lettuce – 4
  • peppers – 1
  • spinach – 9
  • sugar peas – 9 – needs trellis
  • swiss chard –
  • tomato – 1 – need cage
  • zucchini – 1 (needs staking)

Check out the above drawing to see what I actually planted.  My choices were basically based on seeds I had left over from last year, plus I bought two pepper plants and will buy a basil plant as soon as I find one.

First, I soaked the seeds for a few hours before I started planting.  Apparently they like this.

Then I moistened the soil, so it wasn’t so dusty to work with and I figured it doesn’t actually matter if you water immediately before or after you plant the seeds.

If you’ve never planted seeds before, don’t over think it, and just push it into the soil until it’s covered, not very deep.  I didn’t actually take the time to deposit each carrots seed individually, but I probably should have.  They are so small, I just made sure they had good contact with the soil.

Now that planting is done, all I need to do is to water regularly.  Whatever that means.

So far I love my new veggie garden.  My self-diagnosed OCD loves the little squares.  The soil is light and easy to work with.  Planting was a breeze, especially six inches above ground.  And my feet stayed clean, since I don’t have to walk through the garden. Yay!

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