The easy way to clean an oven

ovenThis is the best way to get rid of the burnt black grim in your oven. All you need is baking soda and some soaking time. I’ve tried a few different combinations (baking soda to water ratio and different times) but this is my favorite method.

1. Wipe down oven.
2. Make a thin paste of baking soda and water. Don’t over think this, any consistency will probably work.
3. Smear all over oven. Cover with a damp paper towel or dish rag (this is just to keep it moist).
4. Leave it overnight or for a good amount of time.
5. Wipe clean.  If any stains remain, scrub with the baking soda paste and maybe a plastic scrubbie.


The glass on my oven door needed a little more care.  It had greasy stains splattered all over it.  I used a plastic scrubbie, some soap, and elbow grease (don’t use a metal scrubbie on the inside of your oven, you might scratch it).  Sparkling!


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