Adhere Beer Labels with Milk

Did you know you can adhere paper labels with milk?  It’s TRUE!

Adhere Beer Labels with Milk –

Even my man has been getting into crafting.  He’s been brewing his own beer in the basement.  A dear friend of ours designed a custom label for his first batch.  But how to stick them on?  Well it turns out other home brewers have already figured it out.  Print your labels with a laser printer on regular paper (toner ink will run), then lightly dip the back in milk and stick on your bottle.  Wipe away any milk drips.  Ta da!  You are done!  I can vouch that skim milk works, the milk doesn’t sour, and the labels stay well affixed (even when the bottles sweat with tastiness).


One thought on “Adhere Beer Labels with Milk

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