…and the Two Golden Fleece Toques

Here are two excellent fleece toque patterns, and they are free!

Golden Fleece Toque 1 – craftambitions.wordpress.com

This all got started because my man has a big head, his season tickets include the coldest of all seasons, and his team only makes flimsy knit beanies for winter gear.  I decided to make him an awesome fleece toque in team colours, but I needed a really easy pattern since I don’t really sew.

The first one is a toque/neck warmer/ear warmer all in one.  As a beginner, the pattern was a little tricky, but the result was pretty impressive.  It’s his favorite.

Inspiration: http://www.wikihow.com/Sew-a-Fleece-Hat

This second pattern was really great.  It makes a nice snug toque.  I made mine with a fleece lining to make it extra warm, so I had to adjust the pattern to fit a little bigger.

Golden Fleece Toque 2 – craftambitions.wordpress.com

Inspiration: http://www.shelby.fi/kaava/403/403.php


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