Dog Bed

Dog Bed

Dogs are the best sewing customers.  If they chew on your creation or pee on it, it means they like it. I have been learning to sew and needed a new project to tackle.  Something that would be appreciated, but would be forgiven if the hem was crooked or the seam wasn’t straight.  A dog bed!  Mia is my brother and sister-in-law’s adorable miniature schnauzer.

My goal was to make something cozy and washable.  I got an old pillow for the filling and cut it down to a square.  I used the extra for the bolsters.  I sewed a pillow case to fit with an envelope flap so the pillow would stay covered no matter how rough the dog was on the bed.  I then made three bolsters with ribbon closures and attached them to the main pillow.

Mia loves her new bed!  It took some planning, and I may try another version that is easier.



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